Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you represent an Aid Organisation, NGO or similar then we would love to help with your insurance needs.
Simply drop us a line and one of our team will call you back. Below are many of the most popular questions asked on our email and chat support.
If you have a question for us please drop a line to and we will respond directly. Who knows we may add your question to the list!

Is this a health insurance policy?

No, it’s a personal accident insurance which includes insurance against sickness and accident medical expenses outside your home country in all the countries in the Zone you have selected including lower Zones subject to a $250 deductible claim. The amount of the benefit available is limited to amount of insurance you selected when you applied.

What insurance does my policy provide for me?

1) Accidental death
2) Permanent disablement
3) Medical expenses – from accident and sickness*
4) Medical evacuation from the point of an incident and repatriation home when necessary
* All medical expanses claims have $250 deductible per claim.

What areas of the world does your insurance cover?

Unlike many insurers we don’t exclude ANY region worldwide and that includes all conflict areas, war zones and other hazardous areas.

Am I eligible for ‘sickness and repatriation’ in my own country?

No. You are covered for sickness and repatriation from all the countries in your chosen zone except your home country. The decision to repatriate you is decided by the doctor treating you in discussion with our emergency claims partner.

Can you cover my equipment?

Sorry but no. We specialise in covering people not things.

What if I am not travelling to a hostile country, do I still need insurance?

Typically more accidents happen at home or in your home country than abroad. Your policy provides valuable 24/7 insurance whilst at work or leisure in all the countries in the areas you have selected.

What is the maximum amount I can be insured for?

The maximum you can insure yourself for is restricted to no more than a multiple of 10x your income or $500,000 whichever is the lower.

What medical expenses does my insurance policy cover?

Full details of the medical expenses covered by your insurance policy are set out in the policy terms and conditions emailed to you when you bought your policy. These are the same as our now famous cover for Journalists and can be viewed on our ‘Downloads’ page:

Does my insurance include cover for war and terrorism?

Yes, as long as you are not actively participating in war or terrorism.

Which cover do I need.

You can compare the cover we offer on this PDF If you need more information please drop us a line or use the chat.

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